What To Bring When Selling Your Gold

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If you are thinking about meeting up with a gold buyer, then you could be wondering what you should bring along. Of course, this will vary based off of what you are selling and who you are selling your gold items to. However, for many people, bringing along these things can help guarantee success. Therefore, if you are preparing to head off to a gold buyer's place of business, consider bringing these things along for best results.

Any Gold Items That You Have

Right now, if you are thinking about selling your gold, you could just be thinking about bringing along any gold jewelry that you have. For example, if you have gold rings or necklaces, you might assume that these are the types of things that a gold buyer is looking for. However, before you leave the house, consider looking around for any other gold items that you can bring along. For example, if you have old gold fillings or other similar items, you may want to consider bringing them along. Many gold buyers will buy gold items of all types by weight, including dental fillings or old jewelry that doesn't look good or that is broken. If you're looking to maximize your payout, make sure that you bring along any unwanted gold items that you have.


Additionally, consider bringing along any documentation that you might have in relation to your gold items. For example, if you have recently had appraisals done of your gold jewelry, then bringing along these documents can help you prove that the items are what you say they are. Of course, experienced gold buyers know how to tell the difference, but it never hurts to bring along any documentation that you might have so that you can help speed the process along.

Proof of ID for Yourself

Many gold buyers will ask for you to present some form of ID. After all, they will want to make sure that you are an adult, and they may need to keep documentation of the people who they buy gold and other valuables from. Therefore, make sure that you bring along an unexpired state or federal ID, such as your driver's license, state ID, military ID or passport. Then, you can help ensure that you can prove who you are and that you can avoid having any problems with selling the pieces that you are hoping to sell.

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